Research Manager

Vacancy for a Research Manager 

Full time position 

The role entails a broad range of duties and the specific areas of focus will be dependent on the skills and experience of the person holding the role. 

The Research Manager will consult with Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and make recommendations based on research findings and product performance. He/she will create functional strategies and specific objectives for the scientific team and prepare budgets, policies, procedures to support the functional infrastructure.  

The basic responsibility is to ensure that Glycostem is performing research according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), which are beyond state-of-the-art research activities, performed internally or with external partners from academia or industry. 

 The Research Manager: 

  • Is managing projects supervised by CSO 
  • Is participating in projects supervised by other research managers 
  • Is familiar to state-of-the-art and beyond laboratory techniques 
  • Work independently and lead project teams 
  • Educate scientific staff such as PhD students and students  
  • Seek guidance/leadership from CSO 
  • Interact and exchange information with other external partners and internal project managers and scientists. 

The research manager will work closely together with the research and development scientists. 

 Job Responsibilities 

  • Plan, develop, and manage research projects to make it ready for a translation into development process by delivering optimised products and/or processes 
  • Develop detailed protocols for developed techniques, to be used transferring to development phase 
  • Design and run experiments, optimisation of methods, calculating budgets  
  • Work closely with CSO, Research Manager, lab manager and other staff  
  • Responsible for supervising, motivating and leading the project related R&D staff  
  • Manage projects and additional duties as assigned by CSO 
  • Develop new assays to either improve current workflows or to introduce new applications  
  • Evaluate assay methodologies and emerging technology  
  • Contribute to grant and patent writing 
  • Responsible for writing scientific publications 
  • Explore research project subject area, define the scope and selection of problems for investigation, and generates novel concepts and approaches based on project objectives  
  • Responsibility for special equipment 
  • Stay updated on scientific developments and top-level research 
  • Prepare presentation for internal and external meetings 
  • From time-to-time the CSO may add other tasks 

 Education, skills and experience 

The job as research manager will be held by a person with: 

  • PhD in biology focused on immunology, cancer immunotherapy, proteomics or genetic modification of immune cells  
  • 4+ years of experience as a scientist in academy and/or industry (including PhD). Candidates with industry experience are preferred 
  • Background in advanced laboratory analytical methods in immunology, cell biology, immune cells ex vivo culture and manipulation, generating and analysing of big datasets like from proteomics and genomics 
  • Extensive knowledge on immune cells biology, biology of the tumor microenvironment, immune response in cancer and manipulation of immune cells for cancer immunotherapy  
  • Ability to explain complex scientific details in a simple way yet at the same time have high level discussions with experts in the field 
  • Experience of managing a research team  
  • Good understanding of both written and spoken English language (we are an English-speaking company) 

Conditions of employment:

  • After a successful trial period a permanent contract is extended.
  • Competitive salary, after your first year your salary will be adjusted accordingly with your performance and dedication; 
  • Pension premium contribution; 
  • Travel allowance or public transport reimbursement; 
  • 25 holidays; and 
  • Holiday pay.

Do you have what it takes? 

Please convince us by sending your motivation and CV in English to Liana van Genuchten ( Selected candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview with the line management.  

Want to know more? 

E-mail our HR department at for more information about Glycostem and the selection process. 

Recruiters should not contact us. 

Please be aware that your application means that the information you provide will be shared by and with HR and the employees who are involved with the procedure. In case the procedure with you ends, your application and provided information will be deleted within four weeks after the moment you have been informed. Your name and date of application will be registered in our database for statistical use and status only. By applying you agree with and have taken notice of these conditions. 


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