Product Development Strategy

Glycostem’s production technology platform allows for
a multitude of “off-the-shelf” products

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Glycostem invents novel treatment options of hematological indications and solid tumors with the company's first-generation cell therapy products - oNKord® -.

Glycostem is using further the full potential of its platform technology and derived products by developing multidimensional products and therapies:

Develop second-generation products with dedicated functionality like Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered NK cells to enhance tumor targeting and prolonged persistence.

NK cells and therapeutic antibodies.

“Off-the-shelf" DCs for allogeneic treatment in oncology and combine NK cells and DCs for dual mode of action.

Develop combination therapies with strategic partners such as NK cells in combination with novel checkpoint antibodies or NK cells in combination with targeted therapy and chemotherapy.

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