Allogeneic NK cells for Cancer Immunotherapy - oNKord® -

Discover the unique and universal opportunities to use oNKord® for cancer immunotherapy

16631565 ml

The production process yields in a high quality of oNKord®based on:

  • The ex vivo cultured NK cells have a similar composition and functionality as in vivo NK cells.
  • The system is closed, assuring a low risk of contamination.
  • The system is very efficient and effective. The process generates a superior expansion of NK cells: 5-10,000 fold expansion is achievable.
  • The system produces unprecedented high numbers and also very pure NK-cells: up to 10 billion per batch that are over 95% pure and devoid of contaminating T- and B-cells, which frequently play a role in the mortality associated with allo-SCT and would be similarly problematic in NK cell infusions.
  • The produced NK cells are activated and 'ready to attack cancer cells'.
  • The output has been proven to be highly reliable & reproducible.

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