NK cell production platform technology

Completely closed NK cell production platform for high log scale expansion and differentiation of functional oNKord® NK cells


Glycostem has focused on the development of a highly reliable and reproducible GMP-compliant process for the ex vivo generation of highly pure and functional oNKord® from cryopreserved “off-the-shelf" umbilical cord blood (UCB) products. Glycostem has developed a closed, large-scale expansion and differentiation process in which stem cells from Umbilical Cord Blood – UCB are first expanded and in two following steps differentiated to mature NK cells.


Glycostem carefully selected the stem cell source. Glycostem produces oNKord® from Cord Blood which has many advantages over other sources:

  • UCB is a rich source of stem cells
  • Usage of UCB is not restricted by ethical considerations.
  • UCB is not scarce and commercially available at excellent quality, reliability and prices.

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